Two Shades of Blue presents "Aladdin" in Luxembourg

The theatrical group "Two shades of Blue" visited Luxembourg in January 2010 as guests of Pirate Productions and the New World Theatre Club to present the pantomime "Aladdin" at the Château de Bettembourg. This gallery contains pictures taken at the first performance on Friday 15th January. The quality is not as high as it might be, mainly because I will not use flash in a theatre, and that means slower shutter speeds and wider apertures. But one can at least (attempt to) capture the atmosphere.
The images below are links to the corresponding full-size images, which are approximately 4Mb in size. For most browsers, especially the Windoze-based ones, right-click the image you wish to save and select "Save Target As". For image manipulation I recommend Picasa which will do most things ordinary mortals unversed in the secret ways of Photoshop need to do. (A major lacuna seems to be image reduction; IrfanView is your friend here. It is free (although the author would like you to register for the princely sum of €10, the program doesn't nag you if you don't) and will also do a lot of image manipulation. It was used to create the thumbnails.)

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